Few FAQs as everyone is asking the same questions…


Will the plankton be at location X tonight?

  Nobody knows, predicting this stuff is close to impossible. You need to ask Mystic Meg. Any such questions will be deleted.

What is the best time to see it?

  Short answer, when it’s dark. Astronomical twilight in the UK for July is 11pm-3:30am so anywhere between those times for now. There’s no best time, it changes. Sometimes its good as darkness falls, sometimes it picks up in the early hours of the morning, sometimes it’s all night. It’s potluck

How long will it be around for?

  Again, nobody knows. It’s been spotted until as late as October/November.

Is anybody going to X tonight?

  These posts will be deleted as they clog the group and hide the important posts. Use the daily live thread to arrange meetups and request info on the night.

Where has it been seen?

  Southerndown Ogmore Porthcawl Aberavon Three Cliffs Bay Broughton Bay Penmon Angle Bay

What conditions are needed?

  Again this is very open to speculation and there’s no concrete answer just yet. It seems to favor warm sea temps and sunny days. Other online studies have linked locations to places with agricultural runoff and others have even linked it to surface wind direction. There is no link between high or low tide, nor incoming and outgoing tide. I’ve even seen it during heavy rain

What am I looking for?

  Firstly, you’ll need to keep torches off as it is a faint glow (and also to respect photographers in the area). Some nights are better than others where you can clearly see the blue neon glow from 100-200m away as the waves break or as you agitate the water. Some nights its tame and you will only see a blue sparkle when you splash your feet in the sea. It is more visible to the naked eye than cameras but on strong nights the camera will pick up a stronger blue than the eye will. Use the group to share your pics, experiences and live sightings. Please do not request that you are personally informed if there is a sighting, you will be removed from the group. Use the daily live thread. Lastly, please keep things friendly and polite, thanks

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